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School values and policies

Skipper Clement School’s Mission Statement

Aims and Objectives

We wish to create the best conditions for the personal and academic development of our students in a safe working environment, within a society in constant change.

Above all else, we place the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ which entered into force by the United Nations on September 2 1990. The School’s culture, rules, aims and objectives are formulated and practised according to the spirit and guidelines of the Convention.

More specifically, we wish to provide:

1. A high standard of teaching

2. Well-qualified dedicated teachers.

3. Consistent, and clearly defined rules and principles.

4. Good school-home co-operation. (See Parents’ Contract, School-Home policy)

5. Professional, and social respect, and tolerance.

6. Educational programmes for students that develop knowledge and understanding of important issues such as citizenship, democracy, freedom of expression, responsibility, respect and tolerance of others. (See also No-bullying policy, Student Contract)

7. Educational programmes for students that develop self-esteem, critical awareness and creativity.

Aims and Objectives in Daily Practice.

1. Central Direction

Teaching is based on curriculum as defined by Danish Free School and State School laws and expressed in Fælles Mål and Danish National Examinations. Within the International Department, curriculum is also defined by Cambridge International Examinations Syllabuses.

2. Participation in Educational Activities

In accordance with Articles 13, 28 and 29 of the Convention, it is required that students participate in all educational activities that contribute towards the implementation of the school’s curricula including special events outside the normal timetable.

With reference to the above, and Articles 30 and 31, students may be excused on religious grounds from

i) Attendance at Church services.

ii) Attendance on school days that fall on recognised religious holidays within the student’s religion

iii) Attendance on school trips involving overnight stays, when such attendance contravenes religious obligations.

3. Food

Special dietary needs resulting from religious or medical requirements will be respected. The planning of activities involving food must provide suitable alternatives in such cases.

4. Clothing

For both staff and students the conditions are as follows; the choice of clothing is a personal one, but in general clothing should be clean and inoffensive. It must not restrict participation in any educational activity, whether sedentary or physically active. Clothing must not cover the face, as staff and students must be identifiable at all times. No head covering is permitted inside the school buildings except when requested by parents and agreed by school management, on the grounds of religion or cultural tradition. In any dispute regarding clothing, a decision will be made in each case by the school management.

5. Bathing after Sport

All students are required to participate in sports and to wash afterwards, in order to develop good attitudes to fitness and hygiene.  In accordance with Article 30, parents may request that students who, for medical or religious reasons cannot shower naked in front of others, be allowed to shower separately. In such cases, two washing sessions will be provided at the end of sports lessons, the first for students who must remain covered while washing, and the second for students who can shower with others.

6. Swimming lessons

All students are required to participate in swimming lessons, in order to develop water safety and swimming skills. The school will inform parents of the arrangements for swimming lessons and then parents can decide whether students should participate. If the arrangements are not considered satisfactory from a religious or medical standpoint, the parents should request, in writing, of the school management that the student be excused. If this is granted, it is the parent’s responsibility to take care of the student at these times.


The school has a responsibility to deliver the curriculum, and no student can be excused from lessons for prayers. If a student wishes to pray at break times, they are welcome to do so, if they accept the offered conditions as to time and place.

8.Student Contract

On admittance to the school, students entering fourth grade and above are expected to accept the rules of behaviour outlined in the student contract (attached).

9. No Bullying Policy

Every year students are expected to agree to and abide by the terms of the school’s No Bullying policy (Attached).

10. Home-School Co-operation

Parents are expected to agree to and abide by the terms of the school’s Parents’ Contract (attached), and to keep to the guidelines of the school’s Home-School Co-operation policy (attached).

11. Conclusion

In accordance with the ideals expressed in the United Nations’ ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’, the school will, at all times, endeavour to honour these ideals and develop in adults and children alike a spirit of ‘peace, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity’.

The school expects all students and their parents to honour the principles and policies of the school. The School Leadership reserves the right to exclude parents and students who fail to do so.

School Board 12/2/07

At Skipper Clement Skolen we focus on 





High standards

Accountability (Consequences)

2022 saw the commencement of our journey to becoming a Green School. We have registered with the Eco schools programme. (www.grønskole.dk) Our Green School Committee wrote a vision for the school as follows;

Skipper Clement Skolen’s Vision is to inspire our students and the greater community to work towards being more sustainable. We will do this by striving to reduce our environmental footprint, becoming as CO2 neutral as possible. This means using less energy and water and minimizing waste by reducing and recycling. We aim to nurture students’ delight at the wonder of nature and through education, learn to respect and take responsibility for our environment.

Equal Opportunities Policy

At Skipper Clement Skolen we recognize the importance of Denmark’s Equality Legislation. In addition, the School’s Mission Statement is based on the UN’s ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child,’ 1989, to which Denmark is a signatory. Skipper Clement Skolen is both a Danish and an International School. We are bi-lingual (Danish/English) and we aim to provide a safe and happy environment where all can flourish and where cultural diversity is celebrated.

SCS Principles of Equal Opportunity:

We aim to:

  • Give equal consideration and treatment to all children and adults.
  • Eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, disability or cultural affiliation.
  • Foster good relations and understanding between peoples irrespective of age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, disability or cultural affiliation.
  • Make access to school information available in both languages (Danish /English) where relevant.

All members of the school community are responsible for promoting the school’s Equal Opportunities policy and are obliged to respect and act in accordance with the policy. Any behaviour, comments or attitudes that undermine or threaten an individual’s self-esteem on these grounds, will not be tolerated. The School Leadership and School Board are obliged to apply these principles and follow through in cases of personal conflict between adults and/or children in the school.

Practical Implications and limitations

People with physical disabilities

The school has an ‘Open Door’ policy with regard to the recruitment of employees (See Employment procedures) and admission of children and families (See admissions procedure). All new buildings and adaptations of old buildings will take into account the needs of people with physical disabilities including those using wheelchairs and those who are partially sighted. However, as the school is located in old buildings, not all parts of the school are currently wheelchair accessible.

Students with learning disabilities

The school aims to support all students including those with learning disabilities. The overall number of students who require special services that the school can provide for is limited by the resources available at any given time to provide the adapted learning experiences and facilities required.

Cultural and religious differences (See Mission Statement)

Members of the school community are free to practice their religious and cultural traditions privately and are to be respected by others in the school community. In keeping with the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’, the school regards religion and culture as secondary to the school’s primary purpose which is to provide a free accessible education to all its students. Any religious or cultural practice which places a child at risk according to the law, will not be tolerated by the school.

Religious holidays

The school is legally obliged to provide 200 school days for all students and the school calendar is based on the normal school year in Denmark. A family that celebrates a religious holiday not recognized in the normal school calendar is able to choose to take the day off, but must ensure the child/children in question can cover the work missed.


At Skipper Clement all employees and students must be identifiable at all times. We do not accept full face coverings in the school. Students and adults are free to wear suitable clothing of their choice as long as it abides by any school rules regarding clothing. Clothing should not interfere with any child’s right to have an education, or of the adult’s responsibility to carry out his/her job.


We accept that every employee and family has its own traditions regarding food. During common events and also during the normal school day, these differences need to be respected and accommodated.

Created by SCS—MIO

Passed by School Board Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Next review April 2020

Data responsible – how do you contact us?

Skipper Clement School
CVR 35876219
Gammel Kærvej 28
Tel 98121188

E-mail [email protected]

To summarise;

This personal data protection policy exists to give you as a student/parent at Skipper Clement School, insight into which personal data we use and how we use and protect it. Please read our whole personal data protection policy to obtain a clear understanding of what rights you have as a customer, as well as our treatment of data. We handle your data in order to be able to meet our requirements as a school following the law regarding private schools in Denmark, including the rules that follow.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any form of information that can be linked to a specific person, even if the person can be identified only when the information is combined with other information. An example of this could be: Name, security numbers, registration numbers, addresses and so on. When in practice it is possible to identify a person from the information or a combination of the information, meaning, if the information is personally identifiable.  Other types of data could be records of behaviour, payment history etc. All this information is used by Skipper Clement School to be able to create the best possible schooling and co-operation between students, parents and Skipper Clement School.

We collect the following personal data when a student is written up onto the school’s waiting list

  • Name of the student and parents
  • Birthdate of the student
  • Address of the student and parents
  • Phone number of the parents
  • E-mail of the parents.

This information is necessary for Skipper Clement to be able to find a place in a class, as well as being able to contact your family.

We collect the following personal data when a student is signed into the school

  • Name of the student and parents
  • Cpr-number of the student and parents
  • Address of the student and parents
  • Phone number of the parents
  • E-mail of the parents.

This information is necessary for Skipper Clement School to be able to

  • follow the laws for education (for example, to be able to receive state subsidies)
  • create a good schooling and a good cooperation with the family.

When a child is a student at the school, the necessary information is collected which will ensure a good schooling and good parenting. This information includes records of absence from school and academic grades.

The above information is collected by Skipper Clement School and treated in correlation with the personal data law.

Skipper Clement School collects and treats information as such when you:

Skipper Clement School only collects the personal data that is necessary to create a good schooling for the student and a good cooperation with the parents. Skipper Clement School does not collect and/or buy personally identifiable information from a third person. Notice that billing and bank information is kept according to related laws in the area, including the laundering and bookkeeping act.

Protection of your information

All data and information we collect can only be accessed by relevant employees with rights to do so.

Will my information be passed on?

All personal information will only be passed on internally or to a trusted third party if the information is necessary for the delivery of a service. If it is a third party, then Skipper Clement School has entered a data agreement with this party. We do pass on information to the Ministry of Education and other official authorities when we are legally obliged.

The school also uses external suppliers in relation to, for example, electronic treatment of data (notice link to our data processors). These external parties treat only our person information according to the instructions that appear in a data handling agreement that the school has made with the supplier.

Right to see information (right of access)

You have the right to see the information that we keep about you. The school can charge a fee for the work of recovering all information. This must be a reasonable fee considering the administrative cost of giving the concerned information. Fee/payment follows the guidelines of Datatilsynet.dk.

How long is your personal data kept?

As long as the child is a student at Skipper Clement School your data will be kept so we can continue to supply our service in the best possible way. If you wish to discontinue the cooperation with our school, then you must deliver a notice of withdrawal (link on the website). When the student leaves our school the only data which will be kept, will be data that we legally must keep– like exam results. As soon as the contract with you is fulfilled, all your data will be deleted within two months, unless otherwise agreed.

You can at any time contact Skipper Clement School at 98121188 or at [email protected] to find out about, confirm, or delete your information.

Bear in mind: Data which needs to be stored in relation to law cannot be deleted on request.

Data leakage and security

If there is suspicion about a security breech or data leakage from Skipper Clement School, a procedure to assess the extent of the leakage will be put into practice immediately and the potentially hit students and parents will be informed within 72 hours and procedures will be started to limit the extent of the damage and stop the leak / security breach.

If you have the smallest suspicion of a security breech or data leakage at Skipper Clement School, please contact us. You can always contact Skipper Clement School at 98121188 or at [email protected]


Skipper Clement School will update you on our Personal data policy as required. You can read more about your rights in Datatilsynets guidance about your registered rights, which you will find at www.datatilsynet.dk

Complain to Datatilsynets

You have the right to submit a complaint to Datatilsynet, if you are unhappy with the way that we treat your personal information. You will find Datatilsynets contact information at www.datatilsynet.dk

You can read more about your rights in Datatilsynets guidance about the registered rights, that you will find at www.datatilsynet.dk

School Board

Skipper Clement School

6th June 2018