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Learning Support Services

If a student is experiencing difficulties with learning, support can be requested by the student, guardian or subject teacher. An assessment is then made by the SPU Coordinator to diagnose the reasons for the learning difficulties.

English as a second language support

If it is found that a student is struggling due to lack of English, he/she may join a support group a couple of times a week. In practice most children are able to absorb English through total immersion in the classroom once they have a basic language structure in place. It is not possible for us to give individual lessons in English to all students that could benefit from them.

Danish as a second language support

Each class has a second teacher for Danish language lessons. This teacher takes those students who cannot follow the main Danish programme, for small group teaching. 

Diagnosed Learning Difficulties

If a student is found to have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, an Individual Learning Programme (ILP) will be developed following meetings between the parents, teachers and SPU Coordinator. Support for learning might include guidance, aids, differentiation, co-teaching or an intensive course. If a student has severe difficulties they can be referred to Aalborg Kommune’s PPR service for additional help and guidance.  However as we are a private school, it is unusual for additional support lessons to be given. At this time Skipper Clement Skolen does not have the specialised resources or space needed to take children that are unable to manage in a standard classroom. When applying it is therefore important to consider if we are the right school for your child and to discuss your child’s needs during the interview.