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How to Apply

At Skipper Clement we have an admissions process that takes you through a number of steps. How long it takes for a decision to be made depends on the availability of places in the year that you are applying for.

Step 1:  Waiting List

Complete an application form for each child you want to enrol at Skipper Clement.  Follow this link for the;  application forms 

Your details will be added to our waiting list. Your data is used only to process your application. When we know we might have a place, you will be asked to do one of the following things;

Step 2: Assessment

The purpose of this step in the process is to enable us to assess whether we can meet your child’s needs, and for you to find out what we can offer. Skipper Clement may not be the right choice for all children. For example, we do not have a nurse on site every day if your child needs daily medication that should be administered. You may be asked to;

  1. Attend an Information Evening (For Stage 1 and some classes in the Danish department)
  2. Attend an interview with a Department Head
  3. Supply some further information about your child. 
  4. Your child may have to complete an entry test if applying for Stages 10 and 11.

Step 3: Offer

When we are satisfied that we can offer a suitable place in the right class, you will receive an offer of a place. You will then be asked to pay a registration fee and a deposit if starting in the following school year, and also sign a contract. The data you give in the contract is required for us to enter your family into our school and for us to provide a good service.