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School Fees 2023/2024

School Fees are payable monthly over 11 months
These figures show the amount payable per child after rebates for siblings.

International Department1ST CHILD2ND CHILD3RD CHILD4TH CHILD
Stages 1-42,395 dkk1,300 dkk1,300 dkk0 dkk
Stages 5-112,445 dkk1,350 dkk1,350 dkk0 dkk
SFO – (Voluntary after school)1ST CHILD2ND CHILD3RD CHILD4TH CHILD
Module 1 (Stages 1-4)1,110 dkk890 dkk890 dkk890 dkk
Klub (Stages 5-7)735 dkk735 dkk735 dkk735 dkk

Additional expenses

Registration Fee 1,000dkkper child on entering the school
Deposit to secure place3,000dkkNon-refundable if you change your mind after accepting an offer, but returns to you in the first two fee payments after your child starts school

School trips

The cost of the school trips is divided over the eleven monthly school fees.

Stage 65 day trip in Denmark2,750.00
Stage 85 day trip in Europe4,950.00
Stage 105 day trip in Europe4,950.00
Stage 113 day trip in Denmark1,500.00

Government rebate
For people on low incomes.  You should apply by the end of August of each year.

CPR numbers

If you are just moving to Denmark, you should make sure your child has a CPR number from the Kommune  before 1st September. This is necessary for the school’s government subsidies. If you DO NOT have your CPR number by the 5th september  you may be subject to an extra school fee per child of 3,000dkk per quarter.

PBS Service

When you get your first bill for school fees, you are advised to arrange with your bank to pay by PBS. This is a cheaper option than if we send you manual fee notices, which incur an extra cost of 50 kr per month in administration charges.

Short term stay
It may be possible for your child to stay for a short period. The weekly fee is 750 dkk per week.
Please ask the Head of Department if there are vacancies.