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Admissions Policy

In general:

SCS-INTA has many students for whom English is a second language. We therefore admit students whatever their level of fluency and as a principle we ‘mainstream’ all students as fast as possible. Our ability to give individualised learning programmes is limited by economic considerations.


Students with physical disabilities

Some but not all classes are located in rooms which are wheelchair accessible. Students with physical disabilities are welcomed, although our ability to meet all needs is restricted.


Students with special learning needs

We are open to all students, however we do need to be fully aware in advance of any special learning needs and you are obliged to disclose any past diagnoses or additional learning support that has been given. As we are a ‘fri grundskole’ It may not be possible for us to provide for your child as well as he/she may be provided for elsewhere.

In particular:

Key Stage 4, years 10,11

Students should:
1. Be aged 14–17
2. Be sufficiently motivated to follow an intense academic programme. Homework of up to 3 hours per weekday is a requirement for the full programme.
3. Have a good level of spoken and written English. Most lessons are conducted in English. For most students there will be an entry test to check students will manage the programme.

Key Stage 3,  Years 7, 8,9

Students should:
1. Be aged 11-14
2. Be able to read and write in their mother tongue at a level equivalent to their age group average.
3. Have some prior spoken and written English, as most lessons are conducted in English.
4. Have a desire to learn. Homework is an essential part of the programme, and learning in a second language is harder than in your mother tongue.

Key Stage 2, Years 4,5,6

Students should:
1. Be aged 7 to 11
2. Have skills in reading and writing in their mother tongue.
3. Be able to communicate a little in English or Danish.

Key Stage 1, Years 1,2,3

Students should:

1. Be aged 5 to 8

2. Students entering the school should be 5 years old before the 1st of September in the year they start.

3. Be school ready ( i.e. toilet trained, able to change their own clothes)
4. Be able to communicate in their mother tongue.

5. Be willing to follow instructions.

Priority Listing

When classes are full and there are more applicants than places, the priority listing is as follows:

1. Families coming to Aalborg from overseas
2. Siblings of students already in the school

3. Internal School transfers
4. Other local families in date order of application.

Offer of a Place

In order to receive an offer of a place, applicants must read and agree to the conditions stipulated by the school’s principles and policies, in particular as stated in the School’s Mission Statement, Student and Parent Contracts and No-Bullying Policy. These are available to read on the website and in the Application pack.

Reviewed School Management 2018